Schwinn IC4 and Bowflex C6 mini review for zwift

Hey Scott,

Maybe you can also have a look at the Zwift discussion

They are talking about how to calibrate the IC4 to try and get ballpark readings on power (I have that problem too at the moment).

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Thank you David, much appreciated.


Francesco Tonin

I just wanted to back up your experience on the IC4. I just got mine and got started on Zwift. From my road bike experience, I know what my speed should be, based on my resistance level and cadence. My Zwift speed is roughly DOUBLE what it would be in the real world, and I am FLYING by everyone on Zwift courses. This is bad for Schwinn, bad for Zwift and bad for riders who are looking for a realistic experience (not to mention how I’m discouraging the riders I’m blowing by). I’ll give Schwinn a little time to work out a firmware update. If it doesn’t come, I’ll likely quit zwift, switch over to Peloton or just train on my own.

There is an IC4 group on Facebook. A lot of people there use the Schwinn Bowflex calibration instructions.

That has helped a lot of people have a normalized experience.

I will check it out. Thank you!

Zwift doesn’t list this bike as a supported indoor bike, regardless of what Schwinn has to say.

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Zwift doesn’t officially support it, but works just fine. The Schwinn/Bowflex works as advertised. Zwift connects to any bluetooth power/cadence/HR and many are not supported but are great products. The main thing is to make sure your Schwinn/Bowflex is calibrated correctly. If your a serious cyclist training then I would recommend a smart trainer for more of a cycling experience. But if your a casual/semi serious rider just looking to train and enjoy the Zwift experience then I think the Schwinn/Bowflex is a great option for you.

What I like about this setup is that takes up a smaller footprint in my house than a smart trainer, I can use it with Peloton, and other apps. Sometimes I start a Zwift ride on my phone or apple TV and then play a Peloton ride on my iPad with earbuds. I like the motivation and music from Peloton to push me on my Zwift rides. This is clearly not for everyone, but I love it.

I think it just depends on how you use Zwift. I love the Schwinn/Bowflex. If I want to shift and ride a real bike, I go outside and ride my real bike.


You just described exactly how I feel about having a spin bike (C6) and being able to do different workouts. I wish i could have the real Zwift experience, but I also love being able to some days just have a spin class. :pleading_face:
I am addicted to Zwift though. Maybe one day, I will have enough pace to have both.

We have had our Bowflex C6 bike for about 4 months and both my wife and I ride it when it is too cold to be outside with Chicago area weather. I have been riding for 30+ years and I don’t love riding inside but I do enjoy riding the C6 on Zwift.

It is possible recalibrate it as I found this when I was looking at a few other platforms. You can only recalibrate the bike 3 times, so be mindful of it. Here is a link to the recalibration procedure - a pdf file.