Save frame/wheels setups

Have you ever ridden a flat route and suddenly got the urge to do some climbing? Only to get into the menu, scrolling through your frames, finding your preferred climbing frame and then doing the same with the wheels?
I just think it would be convenient to have pre-saved climbing, flats, mixed and gravel setups.
Just get into the menu, click your climbing setup, and get your go-to climbing frame and wheels.

I rode the 3R Bologna TT on Monday night, in the course of which I did 3 bike changes (start on TT, then to climber to TT to climber). Zooming in on Strava, the quickest change (from stop pedalling to start pedalling again) was 15 seconds, the longest 30 seconds. And adding wheel changes as well wouldn’t have significantly increased that. With practice quick bike changes are not a problem - and yes, I think it really paid of.