Samsung S9 FE tablet

Just wondering if anyone has experience using this for Zwift? (The S9 FE is the cheap(er) version of the S9 tablet range.)

I don’t but I’m planning on getting the S9 FE +
Did you end up getting it and/or trying it out?

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Hi. Yes it works. Using it right now.

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Hi Richard, no not yet, but still may do. Did you get one?

Hi Tim, cheers for the reply, how’s does it perform?

Yes, works great!

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nice one, thanks

How do you connect to your sensors? Bluetooth or Ant+? I wonder if anyone had success using an Ant+ dongle with this tablet to connect Ant+ sensors. I didn’t succeed yet…

I tried an ant+ dongle with it (with a usc-c to usb-a adapter) but it didn’t work. Then I just paired it using bluetooth.

To be honest, I’ve only used it a couple of times and decided to just go with my windows laptop instead. The S9 FE did work, though.

Does this app work on your tablet?