RunPod holder 3d print

Stupid enough I lost my holder for the runpod. I contacted Zwift and it is nog possible to buy it as a spare part. Ik have to buy a whole new runpod to replace one little plastic item.
Anyone here who can help me with a file to print a runpod holder? (or maybe a 3d scan of it)

Thanks in advance!

What would taking a 3d scan entail? I could see if I can find someone with the capability locally to scan mine. Or if all else fails I can send you mine to work off of if you’ll send it back. I recently got a smart treadmill and only use my pod for travel.

I took a photo of it

I do not know if this helps.

I made a home made Zwift foot pod holder:
I think it works better then Zwift foot pod holder: