RPM more visible

Hi, I have been doing some workouts and have some requests about them.
First, when selecting a workout among all of them, there is no way to figure out if you have to do a workout with candence (RPM) or not. Maybe sometimes the headline or the description states something about cadence. But it would be nice if there was some RPM tag for each workout so you would know if you want to have it or not.
Secondly, this is about the layout of the screen when doing the workout. When doing a workout with RPM, you are supposed to keep a certain RPM during a section and it is stated in the main window, but there is no information at all about the workout in the table to the left where you can see all the sections. It would have been very nice if that information could have been there too.
Thirdly, is about the same window during the workout. There is a progress bar with the countdown of the time during the active section. The color of the progress bar is the same as the other information box about the expected power and time and eventually the RPM. And there is no space between these so sometimes have thought that the progress bar starts at the very left of the information box. It would have been nice if the there is a white or black bar “|” separating these two boxes so you can see directly where that start of the time is.