RoboPacer Drops Multiplier maxed out at 2.0x [1.30] [October 2022] [SOLVED]

Really :joy:

It is in metres.

You’re out until you get back in.


Sad thing is; it really depends on when you’re riding.

It isn’t uncommon for my ride times here in the US where Coco has maybe 10 whole people around, while all the slower (or sometimes even faster) bots seem to have all a larger group.

Anyways, good to hear there will be a hard-coded buffer around the bots; something that’s self-adjusting makes it a pain in the rear to judge.
It was/has been easier to know if I’m getting too far ahead or behind just by judgement on the distance on the HUD.

@James_Zwift If I did have any extra recommendations; it would be fantastic to have the pace partner (or even leaders on group event rides), ALWAYS visible on the HUD on the nearby riders stack on the right; so you can see your time “distance” from them at any given moment; along with better tabs on their power.
No idea if that’s too out of context for this thread; but being able to see a pace partner or leaders’ placement from myself without having to judge from the minimap (if one even can), would be a great quality of life addition.


Yep, we know we need to do some more work on the findability and ability to change between them - I think we’re looking at spring for the next batch of feature improvements


Some people are using third party addons to watch the power/speed of the pace-partners/robo-pacers.

One rider did mention exactly that on a Genie group ride (very fast) through Tempus Fugit. He appeared to be using that so he could match the speed of the pace partner more easily.

I’m not recommending it - just mentioning it’s being used.I believe it probably violates the terms of service. I don’t use it myself.

Can we have 10metres out frond 50 out the back please? My attention span always ends up costing me drops

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10 in front, that’s not enough.
If you push too hard for a few seconds …


Nowhere near enough if you’re a heavier rider cresting a climb.

I’d actually like enough allowance out front to be able to hit any sprints the PP group happen to come across. I deffo drop off the back more often than the front though

That’s a tightrope walk I play too. Drop off the back as the sprint approaches until you get the warning to catch up, and then hit the sprint and run through the bunch and hope you don’t run too far off the front.

I think a little grace period when you get out of the zone would be nice. A “get back close enough, you have 10 seconds to comply” warning. Would help with sprints too.


30m all around sounds good to me, and is easy to remember.

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Has the multiplier been corrected now ?

No difference this afternoon, still 2.0 maximum.

At least we aren’t getting a drops reset (like the XP reset).

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2.0 max, but all the time, sounds fine to me.

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Not fine, they said they would fix it and they didn’t.

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It s fixed, but planned for 1.32
Thats what Shuji wrote in another topic.

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Did a 90 min ride with Bernie yesterday & still stayed at 2x

Good news, gang. The fix for this will be the next game update. Hang in there for a few more days!


This bug’s been fixed in Zwift game version 1.32.0, which just released. Please update at your earliest convenience.