Ride not recorded (tour de zwift stage 2 today) because i was going too fast. why?

Wahoo has a sale on their smart trainers right now:

There is also the Zwift Hub, probably the lowest priced direct drive smart trainer you can find:

Any direct drive trainer or powermeter will be much more accurate than your current setup and you won’t get flagged. If you want to ride mainly indoors a cheaper direct drive trainer like Zwift Hub will make for a much better experience. If you want power measurement outdoors, whatever fits your particular bike. I’d go 4iiii/Stages/Assioma for low price and simplicity or Quarq for accuracy. But really anything will be fine.


Thanks Angus, the Zwift Hub looks like it will meet my needs. :+1:

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Thanks Mike, will have a look at these.

Getting a real power meter or smart trainer would be best, however if you want to tune the speed sensor down a notch, you could pick a smaller wheel size in the game.

If you are in the UK, Tredz have the ThinkRider ETC X5-2 direct drive trainer on sale at £250.

Thanks Paul, that sounds like an interesting solution for the time being. I agree the best solution is power meter or smart trainer. Got a small budget so just got decide best bang for my buck. :+1:

Thanks Tim, will have a look at that; appears to be a good price.:+1:

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It all depend on how much you use it and your budget. If need something better at a low budget you can look for a used kurt kinetic fluid trainer they have a nice power curver and more accurate than your current trainer.

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Hi Gerrie, that’s also good to know. I’ve been doing lots of reading, and though I would have to wait a little longer, I’m leaning towards the Favero Assioma DUO Power Meter Pedals.

Honestly I would avoid something that claims to be +/- 2% accuracy, especially at that price point.

The assioma pedals is awesome. I do have a set.

Just keep in mind that your current trainer won’t be able to give you enough resistance.

Your trainer has a very flat power curve and probably max 400w resistance.

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Maybe, but it didn’t get a slating in the Lama Lab, and it’d be waaaay better than zpower.

Fair play. I just tend to avoid brands I’ve never heard of and that price would set off alarm bells. If it’s solid, then awesome bargain.

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Ah, I see. Looks like I need to factor in a new trainer if I go down the power meter route. Thanks again Gerrie, all input is much appreciated.

Keep in mind that a new dumb trainer plus separate power meter may get you close to the price of a Hub smart trainer, which imo would be the better way to go (because it’s controllable).

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I tried one of these, had to return two of them as they were faulty, just got a refund in the end. You might be luckier than me but I’d avoid the brand in the future

Agreed, it depends what you want, if you train outdoors as well a power meter might be useful but if it is just for a zwift set up a smart trainer will be a much better zwift experience than dumb trainer and power meter

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I’d recommend a direct drive smart trainer with a built in power meter (like Zwift Hub or Wahoo Kickr Core).

Smart trainers are able to simulate the grade of the virtual world you are riding through.

And you are able to do watt controlled workouts.
The trainer sets the prescribed watts according to the workout Intervall. All you have to do is pedal, shifting not required.

This would not be available with a dumb trainer and a power meter.

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Hi Tom, yes I had a similar thought. I’ve now found myself moving way beyond my initial budget, and back into the “which one to get” territory. Thanks for the input. :+1: