Resistance does not ease up after cresting hill

It seems like after I crest the hill, the power still remains difficult for 30 seconds or more when it should ease up for the downhill portion. I’m using a Kickr if it matters. In other words, the video doesn’t match the resistance.

I just did my first computrainer-based ride today (previous rides were rollers and fluid trainer), and the transition after cresting seemed pretty much spot-on. Maybe this is a kickr issue?

I have noticed what seems to be a bit of a lag. Not 30 seconds worth but enough to be noticeable. What I mean by lag is that if I’m going from flat to an incline it feels like I am still on the flat while the grade increases. Maybe for 10 seconds or less. And also when I crest the hill, it still feels like I’m climbing when the grade indicator levels off. I just figured that was due to internet lag.

I have a Kickr running Zwift on Windows 7 and don’t experience this issue at all. As soon as that grade indicator starts to change, so does the resistance. I’ve noticed lag in other programs such as VirtualTrainer - it can sometimes take 3-4 seconds for the resistance to catch up to the grade change; Zwift on the other hand is nearly immediate.

Thanks for the feedback, I have used other programs that use video and once you top the hill and head down, you are essentially freewheeling. I did notice that when I look at the graph I am still climbing, but the video looks like I am descending. that is probably where I am getting confused.

I notice after climbing the first shorter grade after the start/finish line the video looks like it is slightly downhill, but the grade % is still showing somewhere around 1-2% and the effort matches the % shown.

Yes, that’s what I realized, it looks like you’re going downhill, but the graph shows you are still climbing.