Resistance Control

Hi, brand new to Zwift & trying to decide what indoor bike to choose.

I’d like to get one with Zwift Resistance Control but the Wattbike, Tacx & Wahoo bikes all have crazy lead times of 4-5 months ++ :roll_eyes:

Are there any other bikes out there you would recommend which support resistance control please ?

Thanks for your help & advice


Where are you located? Saris and Elite make a line of smart trainers. Depending if you are in USA, Europe, Asia, different brands may be more readily available.

Stages bike? Another one but it is Netherlands/Belgium:

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Thanks Chris, I haven’t seen those before.

Let me take a peek - thanks again :+1:

Hi Bob, I am based in the UK.

You might try the Saris line of trainers. I got the original Cyclops Hammer for a really good price but I have seen the H2 and H3 on sale occasionally. The H3 is the latest version.

Thanks so much Bob, I’ll do sole googling now.

Really appreciated :+1:

The best choice ever!