How do I get a refund for the two days I have lost as you cannot sort your IT systems out to work with a lot of users computers. I expect the whole month refunded please.

As long as you system is at or above the minimum specs it should work. What are the specs of your system?

I don’t think Zwift should give out refunds due to users trying to run Zwift on unsupported equipment, if that is the case.

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Does your computer meet the minimum supported system specs, as listed here? (I don’t believe they have changed for a long time.)

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Seems you have a completed ride today as well as one yesterday. If that is correct why are you saying you lost 2 days and are requesting a refund?

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Let me set some of you Keyboard home detectives straight on a few facts. I didn’t ride yesterday as it did not work due to the upgrade. If you think I rode then you’re wrong and haven’t taken into account timezones.

Today I tried to ride again. And it didn’t work, again! This took me 1hr of my time to work through every solution only to find that my computer was at the minimum requirements and it was not the issue. Zwift was. So out of a want to ride and having to not miss another training session I borrowed my neighbours computer. So I did ride but it’s not a fix to the problem. Good job he was in otherwise I wouldn’t of been able to ride. I still want a months refund please Zwift.

So you are running an HD4000 and not an HD3000 on your system?

If that is correct all you should need to do is update you driver and than you should be good to go.

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Could we maybe get a description of what your computer is and exactly what problem you’re encountering, so maybe we can pinpoint the actual issue and see if we know of a fix or a workaround?

I doubt you’ll get a refund, but that’s up to Zwift to decide. While you’re waiting on an answer, maybe we can help. :slight_smile: Or if you don’t want “keyboard home detectives” doing it, have you submitted a support ticket to Zwift?

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So you are having issues connecting with your computer… you then borrow your neighbours computer and it connects fine, allowing you to complete your training session.

No detective work needed to establish that the one thing that changed was the computer which is nothing to do with Zwift.

Check your hardware, software and connections are order to establish that they are fully compliant with the standards required to run Zwift.