Ranking tips for category low performers?

OK so I like to race, I have lot of fun, and I’m a low performing C racer. Like more a D than a C, 2.6Wkg or so, anyway to avoid problems and be fair I’m racing since quite some time in C.

I don’t care to win, but I’d like to improve my ranking position at least.

There’s plenty of advice and strategies for high performing category racers so to chose the right race, etc etc to keep increasing their ranking, but there’s not that much for low performing ones like myself.

I know I need to improve etc, but meanwhile it would be good to at least see my ranking improve a bit while training and racing: is there any particular tip/trick/strategy I should apply in chosing which races to do etc to make sure I have a chance to improve a bit my ranking ?

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Entering well attended single cat (E) races will probably help.

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I believe the advice for high ranking performers and low ranking performers is very much the same but just to a different level.
You must be able to beat other riders who have a similar or better ranking than your own. Try and find races where the other riders are similar to yourself especially on the w/kg. There are a couple of races each week where the C category is split into Low and High. Use the search facility to look for races with ‘low’ in the title and enter them.
With all Zwift races you must have the ability to to start fast and hold a high power for 1 to 2 minutes. Train to improve your 2 minute power and ability to then recover. If you do fun event rides start them as fast as you can and see how you handle the effort. In races you must go out fast if you don’t you will never catch them once they are gone so much better to try right from the start. You must be hitting a fairly high power number in the 2-3 seconds before the race starts.
Once you are able to stay with some of the leading groups you will start to place higher and pick up better ranking points.
When you find you start to be finishing races in a group then you need to start working on your sprinting.

Race On.

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  1. Races with many strong riders in your category
  2. Race up a category in races with smaller numbers
  3. Race any well attended E race