Race Results Screen Not Showing After Custom Workout

Today I completed the KISS EU Wake Up Race (https://www.zwiftpower.com/race.php?id=12817) and at the end of the race the results screen did not show up. I waited for a while but still nothing. When I went to exit via Menu > End Ride the name of the ride it wanted to save was not Zwift - KISS EU Wake Up bur rather the name of the workout that I had completed before. This is strange and has never happened before. Also during the race my screen was displaying group chats from people that were not even in the race and no where near me.

The only thing I had done differently was complete a custom workout prior to the race. The workout was ended by the auto join feature of the race a few minutes before it was due to start.

Has anyone else experienced this since the new update?

Interesting. We’ll take a look.  I suspect doing a workout before an event would have always caused that issue, but I can’t be sure until we dig deeper.

Also, it does seem the chat filtering has changed when we added support for the new mobile link, so we’ll sort that out very soon.