Praise for Zwift Racing

I posted a complaint a few days ago about Zwift racing and how the blob draft effect negatively effects racing. So I wanted to balance it with some praise:

I raced the Harrogate circuit last night as part of the ZRacing Race Like a Champ series. It was great racing. At first I was somewhat annoyed because after the first climb some people used the Anvil power-up to fly past the blob on the descent and my first thought was “Oh no, they made it too powerful.” but then we organized chase and brought the group back together and I realized how the anvil was making the race more dynamic. The whole race was attacking and hard. I put out my best 20 minute power for the last 6 weeks and near my best for the year, and at no time was a bored.

That race course is so good. It is one of the best race courses in Zwift, I think. The climbs are hard enough that attacks can make a difference, but not so hard that it’s a pure WKG sorter, and the ghost vs. anvil power-up choices made it very dynamic.

Thanks for a fun evening last night, Zwift team.