Power Board : Zwift & ZwiftPower

The other day, at the end of a ride, I was prompted with the “PAUSED” screen which display a “power board” of best averages for different times period for the current ride and for the current Zwift setup[1] (called “your best”) and thought that it was kind of weird to have a “5 seconds” period since the sprints on Zwift races are mostly done on ~15 seconds efforts.


Furthermore, on ZwiftPower when we look at a user profile or race results, we don’t have the 5 seconds period but we do have the 15 seconds one


And then, today while reading CyclingTips’ article about Zwift’s history, I saw this screenshot from the (very) early days :

Now I can see where the current Power Board is coming from, but I still can’t answer why we have a 5 seconds period and no 15 seconds one.

So my question here is : to make things more useful and understandable, shouldn’t we have 15s/1mn/5mn/20mn periods on the Power Board on Zwift like we have on ZwiftPower’s profiles ?

[1] : Unlike the “your totals” board displayed at the top right, it seems that “your best” is not related to the global Zwift account but it’s related to the local installation of Zwift (not stored and shared on Zwift’s servers). So if you Zwift on multiple devices or reinstall it on the current device, the values won’t be the same. Not really an issue but kind of confusing.