Planned Maintenance [August 11 2021]

This Wednesday August 11 19:00pm Pacific Daylight time (August 12 02:00am UTC) we will perform a required server maintenance. Use this site to convert to your local time zone

Expected service time is ~30 minutes.

Player impacts:

  • You will not be able to log in to the Zwift game app. If you are already logged in and Zwifting, you will continue with no interruptions.
  • Can not log in to or any other Zwift websites that require you to be logged in
  • Can not log into this forum. If you are already logged in, you should be able to write messages.

Maintenance has started.

Server maintenance will not allow log in to the Zwift game. For some, this may manifest as a crash at startup. We will update this thread when the maintenance window has closed.

Why wasn’t a notice sent to all Zwift users? Most of us aren’t on these forums regularly.


Maintenance is complete. Thanks everyone for your patience.

I agree! This was extremely frustrating for me. I never get on the forums and had to google the issue. Definitely room for improvement on the communication!