Plan to do PRL Full tomorrow, but don't want to miss badge and XP

HI,I want to ride the PRL full tomorrow with a friend but it is not a London day. Can I do a meetup set at 173.5 km to make sure we cover the lead in, or is that a big mistake and should I wait until Sunday which is a London day? Wouldn’t want to miss the bonus XP and badge. Thoughts? Thanks - Jim

You sure can!

I’ve done many of the “epic” routes this way (Ven-Top, PRL Half). As long as you don’t click any of the “turn” buttons or exit the Meetup, you should be fine.

You might also consider creating a “Club” and creating a Club Event to do this. It’ll stop you from having the spinner on top of your head the entire ride.

Same rules apply, I think - don’t exit the ride or hit a turn button. Additionally, you have to not only create the event but also indicate you’re joining it. (because club owners can create rides they don’t attend)

EDIT - replies are saying you can exit the Meetup and it won’t nix the route. Cool. I’ve never been brave enough to try that on the epic rides.

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And make the distance more than the PRL Full. I think we set it for 180km when we did it. Also, it’s ELEVEN times up Box Hill, not ten. That oversight was good for a laugh or two. Then tears…


You can just quit the Meetup as soon as you’ve spawned for the Meetup. That’ll get rid of the yellow beacon and it won’t affect your route.

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I’ve completed route badges doing this but usually set the meetup for only a few kms so it ends (it’ll still keep you on the correct loop) and I can ride without having the big beacon over my head.


On the original question, I’d be inclined to wait for it to be a guest world so that it’s not so lonely there.

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Can confirm: did Ven-Top when France wasn’t in rotation. I think there were four of us on the entire map… very lonely. (no regrets - last France route I had left and was chasing altitude for the Z1)


If you’re doing PRL Full, consider waiting for London to be a guest world, then change your display name to something like “J.ames PRL Full”.

You’ll get a TONNE of support from other riders. Ride Ons, nearby riders messaging with encouragement, even people slowing on the climbs to give you a draft.

Zwifters are awesome.


I put PRL_FULL in my name when I did PRL Full, and got over 220 Ride Ons. It was awesome.


When you do it as the meet up leader, the Ride On bomb button in the ZCA resets much quicker so you can hand out more of them. Not huge thing but every little thing to keep you in the game.

Also, the descent down Fox Hill is long enough to go pee or refill water bottles. Nice to get a little break.

Change your Trainer Difficulty setting to a gear you can manage up Box so you’ll descend Fox faster.

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