Paris-Roubaix Femmes avec Zwift 2022 FAQ

I just tried to watch the replay in the U.S. Got Peacock expressly for the purpose as they were the only option here; the sound is atrocious. You can barely hear the commentary as it’s buried beneath the music intro, helicopter and crowd noise. It’s actually pretty much unwatchable. I will report this to Peacock, but thought Zwift might care to know as they are a sponsor and promoting this event.

Edit: sound improves to passable but not great about an hour and half in…

I tweeted at them about it an it got better. First time I used Twitter for that.

Yes the sound was bad but th race was awesome :sunglasses:


Glad you were there for quality assurance. :joy:
Sounds like NBC/Peacock was asleep in the control room.

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LoL I can’t believe they didn’t notice.

@Lebasi_Lashley: Peacock is not the only option in the US. Try GCN Race Pass. Well worth the investment. And if you add a VPN extension to your browser you can get even more racing (shhhhhhh).

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Thanks Nigel, I believe this event was blocked in the U.S. on GCN+. I’ve had VPN in the past but didn’t want to re up for one event and I found it only works on my small screens not on the big TV as it’s Roku and it’s not easily confused on my location.

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The women’s race was available on GCN+ in the US, but not the men’s. And you should be able to find a decent free VPN extension for your browser. As for watching on the television, do you have a Chromecast? I use this for all sorts of things, but it definitely gets a lot of ‘exercise’ during the cycling season.

Thanks for the clarification and the info, Nigel. I’ll probably look into VPN soon.

It would be neat to up the challenge/mission and take the 100 days to complete the distance the femmes will cover in the TdF.

Yeah, as a cycling fan in the US you can either pick something like Tiz and hope it works, VPN Eurosport or another foreign broadcast, or subscribe to upwards of 3 different media sources for most of the races. I really didn’t like NBC Sports but it’s such a cluster now and all of the good broadcasting is typically geo-restricted.

For what it’s worth, my single subscription to GCN gives me more racing than I can possibly keep up with. Add a VPN extension to the browser and it’s even more out of control.

As a US-based cycling fan I envy those living in places where a lot of bike races are just broadcast on TV as if that’s no big deal.

OTOH - technology is wonderful and we can watch live streams of professional women’s cycling in real time even it means we have to jump through a few hoops.

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And hey - has everyone registered for the #NEWRULES mission? How are you coming along on your 100km goal before May 15?

We’re giving away a VIP trip to France this July to two grand prize winners, and you have to be registered in order to win. Register in the game app and look for the 100k mission button.

Registered and completed. :joy:

Also enrolled my daughter (10years old) she is motivated to get it done, 30% done. :sunglasses:


Either she’s a stud or the “challenge” is a marketing gimmick and not a challenge. OR maybe a bit of both!

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I’ve never done a podcast ride - how do they work? Does the podcast come through the Zwift game sounds or do I have to play it through something else?

Hi @Jody_Levine
The podcast will stream in the event itself. Be sure to set your volume sliders appropriately.

The podcast will start 2 minutes before the banner drops in the event pen. Late joiners should get a time based offset so they get the same stream as everyone.

Also - pleeeeeze make sure you’re registered for the #general-discussion #NEWRULES mission if you haven’t already.

I know that we should be talking about Liege-Bastogne-Liege results and all but I gotta share this excellent BTS video put out by the winning Trek-Segafredo team that shows how embracing chaos is the order of the day for anyone that wants a shot at winning Paris-Roubaix.
Check this out:

And also this video from the folks at The Run Up that looks at two teams prepping for the 2022 Paris-Roubaix Femme avec Zwift

Can you tell this is my favorite race of the year?

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Did you see the ladies race. I got lucky and gcn+ didn’t block it, so I watched while cycling.

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We should get free coverage when you are riding at 20+ watts. :joy: I’d pay $16/month including taxes and fees for that.