Pack Dynamics 4.1 - Test Events

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NOOOO … Please don’t do that.


The fun of group rides IS trying to stay together! I wouldn’t recommend that.

I do agree with others that testing the PD4.1 with group rides should be done.

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It would have been interesting if that video had some portions in 1st person view.

I don’t think anyone should be dropped in Group Rides if they can do the advertise pace.
What will happen is that riders that are pushing the highest Speed will stay on the Front of the Group and others will hold there position in the Group.

The problem most will have is they will be pushing way to much Watts to stay in the draft.
You can have riders on the front doing 40km/h and riders in 2nd row doing to many watts that would go 39,8km/h as solo but they will not pass to the front. They can save around 100W at 40km/h.

I think it will be easier to stay with the Steady Group as there is more draft behind more riders.

Just a quick note to say thanks for all the hard work you and your team have put in to improve PD. And I’d also like to acknowledge the work all the other Zwift teams are doing.

I know we all have a number of things we’d like to improve (some of IndieVelo’s features are on my list), but the last 3-6 months have felt VERY different. This is the most excited I’ve been about Zwift since I joined a few years ago!

Thanks again and keep up the good work!

Thanks for the encouraging words!
I believe next Monday will also be an exciting day for you :joy:


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3 Races with Pack Dynamics 4.1 coming up each week.

For next weeks check links at The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App


This is far more important update than the Points Score system…hope more organizers will join and use it.


Just a heads up, we scheduled recurring test events for the next few weeks on Friday (currently set for Glasgow Crit Circuit)

So besides the VirtuSlo series, you can also test the new system on those events currently :point_up:


Can you turn PD4.1 for other events?

I’d be happy to switch it on for our crit races The at Home Cycling & Running Virtual Training App


@James_Zwift is the man to talk to about that

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Check out my SOLO Breakaway for almost 20km…my biggest lead was 50s…but my legs died in the middle of EPIC KOM. This wouldn’t happen without PD 4.1…feedback i got from club members is that it’s going to be some fun racing with PD 4.1 :wink:


If a rider in a B-race would go off at 4km in, at 6wkg, with the Epic KOM at the end of the course… I’d not chase either :wink:

Well i tried…but the point is i would never get 50s without PD4.1 , the most i would get is 15s and they would catch me on the descent before Epic KOM.

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we did manage a good breakaway that time with PD4, really excited to try 4.1 but can’t amke any of your races this weekend due to IRL stuff

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I did the 1:30PM US EDT test race today on the Glasgow circuit in C. I didn’t find anything objectionable about the pack dynamics, but with only 5 riders it wasn’t much of a test. We were down to 4 after the first climb. I made some half-hearted attacks and got chased back with some effort. I started riding up the climb with everyone but continuing power over the top and making them chase me. After maybe 4 times doing that they didn’t chase for a while and a gap opened up. One guy had steering which I believed would make him mostly useless in the chase since he always seemed to use steering to prevent others from drafting him. I figured that meant only two riders were chasing me so I pressed on. End of story.


I did the 5.45PM UK VirtuSlo rider the pack behaved very well no churning at all and didn’t feel like i had to put any more or less effort than usual.

A split in the pack did come after quite a while but it felt natural just the blob expanding until the elastic snapped.

I did seem some riders say it was hard to pass another rider a bit like the old sticky draft of long ago but didn’t get the chance to test it myself.

Overall that it felt great i’d be happy to use that in any event.


@DavidP my usual report for this race ZwiftPower - Login

I did the whole race in a Group and my feeling is that the braking inside the group is a little to strong or it could be that CdA penalty is to big…cause Draft % in Sauce was showing big number but it just didn’t match of what was needed to hold wheels. It almost felt like an iTT but at the same time it wasn’t…it’s hard to describe the feeling. We had lots of heavy riders with high Watts in particular was a French guy who had 312W avg for a Race and was 80% of the time pulling the group and closing all possible breakaway attempts.

I recommend you watch the full stream: