Pack Dynamics 4.1 - Test Events

One thing I find unusual about the pack dynamics is the speed at which a pack travels downhill. I tried riding a TT bike with Miguel (1.8 W/kg). On the flats I rode at 2.5 to 2.6 W/kg to stay with the pack (no draft on the TT bike). Going uphill I only had to go the power of the Robo (about 2.1 W/kg). Downhill I had to ride at about 4.0 W/kg to stay with the pack. I can’t imagine that is realistic. Even without a draft, someone coasting downhill on a TT bike could likely go as fast as a pack of riders on road bikes pedaling at 1.4 W/kg (MIguel’s power) in the draft of riders not doing much more power than the Robo. It makes me think the downhill dynamics of the pack is not right.

Alex, let’s face it descending in zwift is nothing like descending in real life, I know if I came down some of the descents like the one coming down from box hill in real life like I do on zwift, I’d probably end up in​:rofl: hospital :rofl::rofl::rofl:

When was this? There are not any pace partners in Makuri this week and that’s the only place with 4.1 turned on.

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It wasn’t 4.1. It was in Watopia. But if they want to make the racing more dynamic and realistic, they should look at this.

(20 Aug 9:45 PM PST/4:45 UTC) Pack Dynamics 4.1 is on for all worlds now. The RoboPacers will be using it on their restart in ~90 minutes or so.


This has been adressed in PD4.1 you were just a day to early for the test

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Cheers, this is nice. Riding with Genie in Watopia. No one is churning past, she’s on the front the whole time. Smooth ride, averaging well under 3w/kg sitting in :+1:


Bizarre power trigger aside do you not have an issue with braking the very last person in the pack who is moving into open space? The smaller draft cones in 4.1 aren’t likely to make things like that better, and from what I can tell riding with Jacques there’s not an issue with free speed or churn that the brake needs to try to address.

Rode with Jacques this morning for an hour, it feels pretty good. Easy to sit in, though put a couple people on the front to work and it really stretches it out. Averaged under 2.8 including some time on the front.

Looking forward to trying a race tomorrow.

This sounds right. I wonder how this changes attacking from the pack when the pack is chilling. Will be like hitting a wall if you are dashing through the pack and hit the front? We will see.

There’s no dashing through the pack if you aren’t putting out a pretty solid effort, even with a draft van. So you’d continue through the front, though obviously would slow some when you hit the wind.

I think this is going to really change the dynamic of ZRL races (for the better) and I’m glad it came out with a few weeks to get used to it before races start.

Yes, I am talking about significantly ramping up the power while in mid pack, starting to move through the pack and hitting the wind and losing momentum. I will test this in a pacer ride today.

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Im willing to bet if a team of 6 could get organised, they could split the pack and only lose 1 rider.

4 hit the front hard, 2 sit mid pack and as it strings out, just let the gap go out and then see if they can split it that way.

2 mid packers drop burritos for maximum carnage.

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If you want to attack it’s much better to do it from the front to get CdA benefit…if you attack from the back when you hit the front your 10s Power will be so high you will not get any benefit.

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Interesting. This is quite the opposite of what you would do IRL.

Why…you can’t attack IRL from the back if everyone is spread across the Road?

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I wasn’t talking about when the pack is stretched. I am curious about attacking when the pack is riding steady. Is it better to attack through the pack or from the front of the pack?

Through; this hasn’t changed.

But it comes down to the differential in power/speed; if you aren’t going that much harder/ faster than the group you’re about to go through, it’s entirely possible you can get blocked in.

So I need to create a larger power differential to shoot through the pack and create a gap. Great. That sounds like how it should be.