Pace Partners Weekly Update - W/C 20th June

I’m 70kg, generally around 210w with Brevet which is mid tempo for me.

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Thanks, Amanda confirmed that any riding can qualify toward the Kask challenge, not just events. :+1:

One of the Lutscher routes would be perfect as a repeater due to the symmetry of climbs

Whole lotta lava would be a good one

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1.8w is the sweet spot for me, but the Volcano loop gets boring after a while. Too short. Mix these routes up a bit so they’re not the same every time.

It’s possible to get the route badge riding with the Pace Partners? If so I’m give a go with coco

Yes you can acquire route badges with pace partners

The same PP was on Muir and the Mountain last week! :joy:

Going up the radio tower not enough variety for you?

One point to note about the really hilly routes. I rode part of Muir and the Mountain with Diego the other day. I’m 105kg.

Coming down the Epic KOM Reverse, just coasting and in supertuck, I drifted so far off the front that I lost the multiplier effect and had to wait for the group to catch up and back to x1.0 :frowning:

Can you compensate for that if pace partners are riding the really hilly routes?

Please add more bots and on more Maps parallel! For me it is the best feature in zwift. Please add france!

Pedal slowly. As near to 0 watts as possible. You’ll come out of supertuck and slow slightly.

If that doesn’t work, a climbing bike and wheels could help too.

After that, I’m out of ideas.

for me it seems the problem is not the hills, because it’s all paced, it’s time. who’s on the trainer usually is thinking about a time constricted train/ride. when you put the epic or the alpe, for example, you kill a lot of pedaling time. i won’t go with cadence down the alpe, waiting 15min to get back to the pedals. it also doesn’t make sense for the purpose of having constant paced bots.

in comparison, i remember around two weeks ago i spent some time with a c bot doing big foot hills. it’s was very nice, always changing the view and terrain, it had many short climbs along the way. the longest was the volcano, which you still can pedal through some parts during the downhill, so not a problem.


there was another c bot in watopia doing 3wkg (but marked as yellow) that’s not on this list… please don’t throw it away!

What I think would be nice is the pace partner actually do the ride there is on the ride selection screen. Diesel Has been doing the hilly route which gets super boring after two or three times around but the selection screen said he was doing the seaside route. There have been other mistakes like that in the past and I don’t understand why they don’t quickly get fixed.

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@JamesBailey It was great have A. Anquetil on Big Loop this week. With the dynamic PP, the wkg on Epic KOM was 4.48, and for the overall route it was 4.13. Which is perfect for me.

On flat route it will be too easy ie Tick Tock this coming week.

Riding with A on Beach Island Route it’s only 3.75, and Big Foot Hills only 3.9.

All the other Categories have more than one PP. How about two for A? One could be a flat or rolling route, and the other a big mountain route

@JamesBailey Dorothy disappeared while my wife was riding with her last night. Her bike kept going on like it was ridden by a ghost, but Dorothy disappeared, lol…

This is a known problem on that bridge.

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Got the Four Horseman badge with Coco yesterday…don’t know how many people made use of this opportunity but I appreciated the company!


Update: just finished it. 25 laps, plus one for luck / lap of honour. :grin:

Average lap time was about 7m20s. Took a one lap break roughly half way (once the drops multiplier went back to 1.0 for the second time)

Round about 3h15m



I joined an event 21 june (1106732531778076672). It was funny, because after a few km I did notice that B pacer was riding together with A pacer, forming a small blob. I was curious if PP are able to draft, because obviously B was riding less w/kg than A, altought the differences were made very clear in the first signifcant ascent. I chatted around about that and invited other riders to attack and break away from A pacer at 10 minutes left. That was really fun, and hard.

Also, as a coach, I feel that PP are VERY useful. Instead of asking my athlete to ride a very boring endurance session around x watts for y time, I can now suggest some PP for they to join and ride together. It’s MUCH more engaging and fun. Also works for race pace training and some less-sctructured intensity sessions - just join a harder PP.