Own Route in Zwift

Hi everyone!

Just a quick question here - I’ve been using Zwift for a few months now and love it. I have an event coming up that is a cycle from Glasgow to London (about 700km) over a week (100km/day). It is a virtual ride. Is it possible with Zwift to create a gpx/zwo file and ride in say Watopia or London, but have my Strava show the gpx’s coordinates (to make it actually look like I’m cycling from Glasgow to London)?

I hope this all makes sense! If not, please ask me to clarify.


Hi @Chris_Newton, welcome to the forums. I’m pretty sure that isn’t possible.

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Hi Mike, thanks! I didn’t think there was - I hadn’t seen anything yet. Don’t suppose you know of any tools where I can edit the gpu data when it’s synced through to Strava and change it to appear that I cycled the route I have planned?


Chris, have a look at MyVirtualMission.com I’m not sure that it will do exactly what you want, but might.

You can basically set up the route that you want to cycle, then link your account to your strava feed, then whatever mileage you complete, it translates to a graphical image on your virtual route.

I’m virtually riding from London to Amsterdam currently due to a cancelled real life event: