Option to re-enable ERG?

 hi, on my long ride work outs it is just one long block, if i stop for a pee ERG mode switches off and doesn’t resume.  Can we have an option to manually re-enable incase we are doing long blocks, or have to get off mid ride.

maybe have it so once we are back up to the correct zone again it auto re-enables… 


why should i have to exit out 1 hr into a 3hr ride and start again ?

You can re-enable it by pressing “e” on the keyboard.  The workout screen shows up and you should be able to re-select the erg mode checkbox and click “workout” to resume your session.  You may want to be pedalling while you do this so that you have some momentum.

I believe on the mobile app there is a pause button for the workout which may be a better option in the future.  My recollection is hazy on this.

I’ve had the same problem. It certainly isn’t as slick at TrainerRoad where you can just stop/start easily. Best workaround is to always use the Pause button on the mobile app. If you use that ERG seems to re-enable more consistently.