Nullarboring (1200 km)

I just finished a nullarboring and figured I’d just post here about what that is incase others wanted to do a bit of a silly challenge I found on Instagram.

So the Nullarbor is a big flat treeless plain here in Australia. It’s massive and if you want to ride across Australia you’d be taking the road that goes along it. If anyone did any dot watching following the Indian pacific wheel race you’d be familiar with how straight and boring it is.

Basically the rules for nullarboring on zwift is ride tempus fugit repeatedly until you reach 1200 km and yes it’s meant to be the most boring cycling challenge ever conceived. I split mine over 11 days which isn’t fast but I got it done.

The rules for nullarboring are here #Nullarboring is the most boring cycling challenge ever conceived - Google Docs.pdf - Google Drive