No signal from Tacx Neo 2T using ANT+

I’ve been unable to use my Zwift set-up via my laptop for the last week due to no signal being received from my Tacx Neo 2T. (It works perfectly if I use the Zwift app on my phone).

For the laptop windows set up, I have:

  • uninstalled and reinstalled Zwift
  • changed the internet WiFi channel to reduce risk of interference
  • checked for any concurrent apps or programmes which may interfere with the signals
  • switched off duplicate signals from the turbo
  • checked that the USB extension cable from laptop to ANT+ dongle is not damaged

I suspect the problem is the ANT+ dongle which is made by TAOPE. I’ve uninstalled the dongle’s drivers but these cannot now be automatically reinstalled by Windows. I’ve searched the internet for TAOPE drivers but drew a blank.

Other than buying a new dongle, does anyone know of a source for the drivers? Or Cause if the problem

Many thanks