New Years Day 2020 Le Col sportive?

I am sure I got an email in the last few days about an event on new years day, that was Le Col Challenge or something. It looked like a 100km sportive that include Alp d’Zwift.

I have searched my email, and googled, and looked at Events on Zwift’s site, but cannot find any record of this.

Am I imagining this? Is there a mountain event on new years day? Anyone have a link so I can see times?




1st Jan 2020

2nd Jan 2020


The New Year’s Day Century Ride is a timeless cycling tradition where riders knock out their first 100 miles of the new year. For 2020, Zwift is bringing the fun indoors. Say hello to the first annual Le Col New Year’s Day Century Celebration. Three groups. Three distances. Three chances to kick off the new year right, no matter what your fitness level is. Take your pick, and complete any distance to unlock the stylish in-game Le Col kit and get your hands on some awesome real-life prizes.

Thank you, I swear I could not find it in emails, google or anywhere. Thanks.

From what I can tell, it’s 2 laps of the Watopia Pretzel route plus another 10 miles. That would mean Epic KOM at least 4 times and Radio tower twice…I don’t think the Alpe is a part of it unless that’s the last bit off the Pretzel route. Either way…it would be at least 9000 ft of climbing which is a ton. I’m still debating on whether to do it (probably will), but it’ll take me a pretty long time…

The Alpe is not part of the route. The extra 10 miles means you climb the Epic KOM a 5th time and potentially the radio tower a 3rd time.

:open_mouth: That’s what I was afraid of! I think we’re talking 10,000 ft of elevation for the route in that case! Happy New Year indeed…

I don’t see any events in the companion app… how do you sign up??

It’s finished now. It was a one-day thing (although it spread over two days due to time zones).

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Was looking for it in the companion app prior to New Year’s Day and couldn’t find the event.

I assume you had some filters active, There were many rides.

That’s a good point, I did Double check the filters and didn’t have any selected. I have another friend that wasn’t able to find an event either. Anyway, not the end of the world, just thought it was strange.