New to Zwift

Hi there, I am a new Zwift user and plan to have a first proper go tonight. i’ve had a quick spin on the island and have a question.

There seems to be nothing I can click on at all other than joining a ride at the start. Is Zwift literally at the stage where its just ride and take in the scenery? Are there courses to select or do we just ride round the Island? No probs if so, just don’t want to miss out on anything :0) … If i keep riding can I unlock stuff?


Zwift is in beta right now and currently there is only a single course. You can see your rider level at the top of the screen with a progress bar to the next level. Leveling up will not unlock new levels, but rather just new jerseys and bikes.

You can click on other riders to see their perspective, but that’s basically it with the mouse. But it is way more than just riding around in circles. You’ll find the intrigue is how you react when someone is just ahead or coming up behind. Or when someone steals your KOM. Or trying to cooperate with another rider doing a long ride.