New game engine or big improvement of the current one (performance related)

Still better than starting with the interior decorations.
Anyway, that discussion is too complex to go into detail here and I don’t have the time anyway.
Just think of it this way. First thread computes the game logic, rider positions etc. while second thread is waiting for the first thread to finish. When the first thread is done, the second thread receives the information and can start it’s work concerning rendering. This may sound like only one thread is working at a time, but that’s not true, because the first thread can immediately start working on another frame, so the only downtime would be during the very first frame.
This is very simplified and also has drawbacks, so please don’t call me out on things.

long overdue! Hardware has moved on significantly and performance hasn’t. ie running zwift on my top end gaming laptop (Lenovo Legion Pro Ryzen 5700 & RTX 3070 and zwift and performance is pretty disappointing.

I still dont understand why Zwift went down the route of writing their own game engine when so many alternatives already existed.


Fun fact: one of the physics programmers on the core team at Unity (big cycling fan and Kickr owner at the time) offered their services in 2014. I’m not qualified to say whether this would have made a difference, but there have been a lot of games based on it.

Has any official of Zwift ever reacted to this forum or is it moresome occuoational theraphy for unhaloy customers so that they wait & hooe whilst paying?

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Perhaps they showed him something and he was like “That’s rubbish. Not gonna work well. You should start again and perhaps you could use Unity engine instead.” and they were like “Go to ■■■■.”
Perhaps they are migrating to Unity since some people saw Zwift recruiting Unity devs. Just took them over 7 years already.

E: Censuring the word “h e l l”?! Really? COME ON!