New bug that throttles speed

Ok this is Uber bad, but added to my list of Zwift bugs. Finished a 60 min Meetup with banding and after that a 60 min Group Ride. After each individual ended, I wanted to U turn and that was blocked as it has been sense patch 1.18.1. But FAR WORSE, on both rides, my speed was throttled to 22km/ no matter how much power added. Both times, only by quitting could I end the misery.
Are reporting Zwift bugs here normally never responded to or acted on by Zwift? It seems like my input may as well be sent to Jarvis the Bear. Seriously the support is the worst.

What is really bad here is whilst its to all intents and purposes a bug this was actually released as a feature by Zwift on the latest release . (Its in the release notes) .

Allegedly it is to solve some pretty low impact exploit to complete route badges … who cares , Gamification in Zwift is completely unsupported from a product perspective so why oh why are they putting effort in to fix issues with it that no one cares about when there are bugs all over the place they are not fixing .

On top of that the implementation is ridiculously unfit for purpose on so many levels

  1. They have removed UX feature as a dirty fix for an issue that even if it is important to fix should be fixed properly not by this obscure and poorly thought out approach
  2. The delivered UX is very poor , you dont even get and feedback when you attempt to make an “illegal” u turn … at the very minimum you should get a "U turn is not supported on this ride " or similar.
  3. Whoever came up with this solution completely failed to do any impact assessment or risk threat modelling , because disabling the uturn didnt just stop the turn being executed it locks the ride into some sort of turning mode , which is what is limiting the speed…

In any normal situation this change should be rolled back so the last item to be properly conducted . But by all accounts instead there is a “plan” to do something , what that is or when it will be executed … who knows :frowning: