Montain bike routs

Hello and welcome. What route and map should you choose so that you can immediately find yourself on the MTB route without having to ride several kilometers uphill. I work with disabled children and for them this is unattainable. For now, they are able to produce a maximum of 30W for several seconds. Please help because it would be a great attraction for them.

Best best would be a jungle circuit but it does a have a couple kilometers downhill first before you hit the gravel.

I wonder if a banded ride might be a good idea if you had an adult also riding it might work to keep them together and keep moving.

I’ve not used the ride with feature very often, but could you get someone to ride to where you want to start and if you are all following each other from the main menu the kids could select the ride with feature and jump straight to where the first person is.

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Are you sure the jungle is the right place? It’s fairly hilly everywhere aside from the start rolling down the long hill.

When I was badly injured I stuck with Tempus Fugit because it was very flat and kept trainer difficulty low. I could barely get the avatar moving to start with. Once I got going it was okay, maybe this would be more suitable?

The mountain bike route got turned into Repack Rush. With steering hardware, you can go right to it by selecting the Repack Rush route.

What do you mean by “the MTB route”? There are no specific MTB routes on Zwift, in that any type of bike can be used on any route. There are some routee with at least partial if not total dirt or gravel which are faster on an MTB, but there are many of those.