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Anyone running a MAC mini M2 for Zwift? If do, how does it handle Zwift? Are you able to run Zwift and say Netflix or other streaming service on the same screen, with the streaming service in a small window with Zwift on full screen behind?

Dues Zwift play controllers work ok?

I’m currently running Apple TV and Zwift play through companion but get issues with trainer resistance and play controller disconnects. So thinking of upgrading.

I am using the Mac Mini M2 for almost 2 weeks now. Zwift is running great on it. I am using the ultra profile with a steady 60 FPS. The Zwift play controllers work without any problem for me using the built in bluetooth option of the mac mini. I am running the game in a window while I am also using sauce for zwift. Not tried to run Netflix on it while zwifting. I can highly recommend the Mac Mini M2 for zwifting.

Tangetially related, anyone tried a Mini PC version. eg. such as (not) linked (because we can’t post links :unamused: ) ?
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Thanks for the reply. I thought the graphics defaulted to medium on the M2. Have Zwift now allowed the software to make use of the M2 and run ultra?


You can get the ability to post links once you earn the rights to do so. You’re probably not far away.

This should perform well but it all depends if that GPU has been granted the ultra profile by Zwift. It’s very expensive though.

In the game I have selected the Ultra resolution (4k). All details like shadows and the lights are visibile. If I run the logfile through Zwiftalizer it shows medium for graphics performance

This is the expected profile for the M2. The level of detail is lower than what you could get from a cheap PC with a basic Nvidia GPU, but it’s pretty good nonetheless (M1 users would be happy to get this level of detail). The graphics profile is distinct from the resolution and cannot be selected by the user.

I am thinking about a change from ATV to Mac mini 2. The reason is the limitation of sensors. I am using a heart rate and cadence sensor together with an Elite Justo. So, actually I have to connect via Companion, what is not very comfortable for me.
Do the Mac mini has a limitation? Do I have more possibilities with an ANT+ dongle? Can I combine BLE and ANT+ for more connections?
Many thanks in advance for your support.

The only Bluetooth limitation that I know of for the mac is the available bandwidth of the interface, so there is not a fixed limit - it depends on how much traffic is coming from all the paired devices. If you’re just pairing a handful of Zwift-related devices and maybe an audio device as well, you should not run into any problems with Bluetooth.

Yes you can pair some things via ANT+ if you want. I doubt that will be necessary but since cheap ANT+ adapters tend to work fine and no extra drivers are required, you may want to get one just to have more options for pairing or testing when something isn’t working on Bluetooth.

The other nice thing about the Mac Mini is that you will get significantly better graphics quality. You can run it in 4K and you’ll get a superior graphics profile in Zwift compared to Apple TV, and much better frame rates.

One thing I suggest is to avoid the model with 256GB SSD because the storage performance is much worse in that model.

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Thanks Paul, that really help me.
BR Harald

I have an M1 MacMini. My brother just got the M2. I paid extra for 16 gb of RAM, but my brother purchased a stock M2, $529. He says it’s great. I’m interested in what platform is max graphics? I think RTX 4070 is the current high end reference card that’s reasonably affordable. 3 years from now, there is no question Intel will hit RTX 4070 performance on fabric system on a chip, with laptop performance chips approaching current desktop RTX 4070 designs, so much is being invested in global foundries right now. I doubt anyone will be seriously using the Apple TV or older machines, because that’s how innovation is supposed to work.

You do not need a 4070 to get the highest graphics profile and great frame rates but it certainly won’t hurt if you want to buy a deluxe gaming system for other reasons and have money to burn. Once you get to a reasonable level of GPU it’s more important to get high CPU clock speed for Zwift.

The M2 does not get the highest graphics profile, but it’s pretty good. Much better than Apple TV. The issue with the lowest spec M2 mini is that the storage performance is around 50% of the models with more than 256GB SSD. It’s probably fine for Zwift but that’s a big penalty.

My M1 with 16gb can be set to UHD, shadows are excellent. I don’t know the frame rate. It’s set at 4K UHD from the logs. Practically most professionals don’t buy 4K gaming monitors, 60 FPS is the max without free sync, g sync, which is fine.

So Zwift should be thinking now about Intel making the jump, it’s 2 years to Fabric, system on a chip, their GPU’s will be embedded at RTX 4070 levels in three years, they have no choice, US government spent tens of billions on massive semi conductor fabrication in Ohio to beat Taiwan Semi Conductor, it’s a done deal, those system on a chips will be first class, with first class drivers. The key issue is the applications, all applications will need an AI portfolio or the application will not be marketable, it’s that simple, it’s not so much a revolution in all computing, but 100 percent in virtualization. You cannot fight progress or pretend progress does not exist, you have to leverage the current and future technologies and user base to raise prices for improved services or you won’t be able to make payroll, plain and simple.

I run a 256 Mac mini m2 and Zwift works like a dream in 4k with high graphics setting.

Thanks Peter, you answered my next question in advance :wink:
I want to use the Mac Mini only for Zwift. So I assume that the performance is completely sufficient for my needs. The problem here in Europe is that Apple’s prices are very high, and the difference to 512GB is € 230! On Amazon, a 256GB SSD costs around € 15 and a 512GB costs € 30. So only € 15 difference, not € 230. That doesn’t want to get into my head, and I don’t want to support Apple’s pricing policy either. The entry-level MAC Mini costs € 699 (USD 738.49). Maybe I’ll look for something used.

Hi Herald. Yes the 256 is more than capable of giving you a great Zwift experience. I have a Wattbike, HR strap and play controllers connected and it’s never had any issues. I came from ATV because of Bluetooth limitations. I also have 2 monitors connected and often have say Netflix, GCN, or prime running together and again works great.

Not a Mac Mini M2, but tried a new Macbook Air 15" M2, 1TB SSD and 16GB ram - it runs fine but only through the screen on the laptop - I haven’t connected it to my 4K 55" TV screen as I don’t have a HDMI conversion adaptor for the Macbook Air yet.

The MBA is not for Zwift though - so it will get very rarely used for that purpose. I have a Mac desktop permanently in use for that.

Hi Peter, i ordered and installed the Mac Mini M2 8/256gb and it works perfect. It is the first contact with MacOS, but no rocket science :wink:
Thanks for your support!

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That’s great. Glad I could offer a little advice. Happy Zwifting.

And your Windows machines will slowly and magically disappear :wink: :grin: