List on right hand side

Since it is getting busier on zwift island, would it be possible to leave out all the riders that are standing still in the list on the right hand side?


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yep +1

The problem with this is that it then makes it hard to see who might have stopped up the road to wait for you, or maybe even see if somebody you know (or Jens Voigt) has just logged in but might still be preparing to ride.

Maybe a good compromise we could try first would be to simply collapse their name down to a one line minimal entry and dim it out.

I think we’ll see if we can do something like this soon and see how it feels. I agree with your sentiment about the list getting busy and the 0 watt folks cluttering it up a bit.

Another option would be to have a meeting point (carpark) for the riders who have stopped or are still preparing or are taking a short break. You can reach this meeting point when you log in or when you press “s” for instance. When in this meeting point you can then see also see the names of the other riders there.

You could even have a separate list that you could click on and this would keep the screen list a bit clearer.