Lead/Follow Car for Races

Just by fluke ended up in one of the Zwift Training races. They seem rather organized which was good. 

What I found hard was knowing whether or not the guys up the road were in the “race” or not. 

If there was some way to have more “offical” race times and some sort of of AI lead vehicle.

It would require riders who which to race to “opt in” so to speak, but essentially first person on the road who has “opted in” to the race would have some kind of indication or something. 

Either that or different views of the near by riders to show only users who are “opted in” to the race. 



Most rides or races they leader ask the riders to put a name or abbreviation after their real name. I am riding one today and I will have RGR after my name. That way it is easy to see the riders in the group. When I organize a ride I ask for the 3 initials and that everyone where a particular color ‘Basic’ jersey. The jersey plus the 3 letters make it much easier to see who is in your group. Hope this helps.