Kinetic inride support?

(Bill Verdon) #1

Please support the Kk Inride system either via an ANT + conversion adapter or Bluetooth.  

(Scott) #2

BLE (Bluetooth) support is in the works. We can’t give you an official launch date yet, but we’ll begin rolling out beta testing this fall. 

(Jari Bartsch) #3

+1 Another user eagerly awaiting inRide support!

(J D) #4

Yes, I am excited to give Zwift a try with my Inride!

(Pete Bynon) #5

me 2

(Bill Verdon) #6

Soon…we hope! In the meantime. …I use the “relay” function in TrainerRoad to send my power to zwift

(Chris Sgaraglino) #7

I’m also looking for inRide support - I’d live to be one of the BT beta testers since most all my gear is BT.

(Jason King) #8

+1 Please sign me up as a beta tester!

(christopher burton) #9

playing on beta; it doesn’t get beta than this :stuck_out_tongue: