Kinetic app

Anybody having problems with Kinetic app version 1.4.23 today?
I use a Kyocera phone and Android 9.
This is not a Zwift issue.

Yep. I even uninstalled and reinstalled Kinetic Fit. Cleared the cache, cleared data. “Please wait while we load all your settings and workouts” then it crashes. They have been getting such bad reviews in the Play store I’m not hopeful this will get fixed. In the meantime, all the settings that people say we’re supposed to be able to do in Zwift, I can’t. I am running zwift on a mac, though. I can’t go into menu| settings and change anything about my trainer or its difficulty. Everyone says “look for a wrench icon near your trainer” No wrenches for anything.

Something has changed over the past week.
The Kinetic Facebook page has similar reports of working app suddenly not working.
Kinetic hasn’t had an upgrade since 2/8/2020 so I don’t think it is something that they changed.
I use an InRide 3 so I just use to calibrate.

As of 2/11/21, the Kinetic app will load on the phone and allow me to sign in but does not detect sensors.