Kickr Core Zwift One - Wrong Trainer? [April 11, 2024]

I ordered the Kickr Core Zwift One from Zwift and the box just says “Kickr Core”. Did Zwift send me the wrong trainer? It should come with the cog. I’m not going to open it up and have to put it all back in the box if it’s the wrong trainer.

Hi, mine came in the same box, still had the cog and click, inside. I think I saw somewhere, on YouTube, Shane Miller (aka GPLlama), I think, said they were modifying existing stock before rebranding the boxes.
I’d suggest if you are still unsure, open it and take photos of the contents. And if you’re not happy use the 30 day return- I sent my Zwift Hub back absolutely hassle-free.
Hope this helps. Paul.