Kickr cassette spacing

Hello. I have a kickr and the spacing between the cassette and body seem a little excessive. Plus, if the chain slips between the castle and the body there is a gap for the chain to slip into and get seriously wedged. Photo attached. Could some compare my pic with yours? Please excuse terrible typing I’m trying to get this posted on a old phone. Ta.

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It looks pretty much like mine, which has done more than 16’000 km without an issue.

If the rear mech is set up correctly, the chain should not have an opportunity to slip off the largest sprocket. The gap probably appears excessive because of the absence of the traditional spokes that normally attach to the axle/hub close to the cassette.

Here’s mine for comparison (11-32T, 11-speed Ultegra cassette on a 2018 KICKR):

Hello, thanks for responding. The reason I was wondering was thaty chain slipped over it after I’d put my bike on it whick was obviously not great but the chain got wedged deep on the gap next to the cog, it was a mare to get it out. I’d not have expected there to be a gap there hence me wondering if the cassette was a little outside where it should have been.

You may need to adjust your limit screw to prevent that.

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Sorry to hear it. If you haven’t done so already, it’s worth double-checking that the bike is set up correctly for that cassette. It should be impossible for the chain to slip off the largest sprocket if the rear mech limits are set correctly.
Is that an 11-speed cassette, as supplied with the KICKR? (I can’t be sure from your photo.) If your bike uses another configuration (number of speeds, tooth-counts – if very different to the new cassette --, or Campagnolo form), you’ll need to address that before going any further.

If the configuration is okay, it can still be a good idea to go back to basics and go through the adjustment instructions published by the manufacturer of the rear mech so that you have as smooth-running a drivetrain as possible when it’s on the trainer.

Thanks for your suggestions. I’ve adjusted the limit screw (after watching several Youtube videos!) and had a decent Zwift session this afternoon and it was all good.

Thanks all.

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