Island 'Cheating' - idea


Every time I have been on the Island recently there has been someone bombing around at up to 20w/kg. What’s worse than the cheating is the constant chat moaning about the cheating, creates a bad island vibe :).

One thought is to apply an algorithm to performance and use a power table to remove suspect performances. There is a more extensive table than this in the Power Meter Training Book by Hunter. This does show what are considered human performances and if linked to HR data this might go some way to helping with the problem.

Apologies if someone has mentioned this before.

Taking into account that indoor/static bike efforts can be up to 10% down on efforts outside due to a number of factors, those numbers look pretty accurate.

i doubt a typical beginner could hold that 20 min one?  they all seem way too high but maybe it just me :slight_smile:


Hunter is the power man so i guess he sees good cyclist more often…


Depends on what base you’re starting with for a beginner ‘racing cyclist’, which I’m assume they are if they’re ‘cat’ anything…? 20min 216W for a 72kg male would be considered a beginner, imo.

Also brings up the need for a separate women’s comparison table, and leader boards jerseys while were at it. That’d keep my wife happy when she’s riding the island.

You guys are on a similar thought pattern, for sure. The same goes for women-specific jerseys and such :slight_smile:

Obviously things are always in a state of flux but how we handle zPower is far from finished.

The main difference arises from the difference in trainers. Especially the so-called dumbtrainers. In Virtualltraining this is solved by being able to put a filter on the type(s) of trainer(s)/riders you want to see during your ride.