Is Zwift or Zwift Launcher running in Background 24/7?


i know that play store only installs the zwift launcher and that lancher is installed to “real” zwift.

this summer i didn’t use zwift so much so every time i started the app i had to wait until updates where downloaded. I made a little test after not using zwift for 3 weeks: i disabled the tablet wifi and started zwift. The apps wants to install updates. How can zwift launcher know that there are updates available when wifi is off and the app wasn’t started since 3 weeks? Is the launcher running in background 24/7? i have problems with the tablets battery since i use zwift. Thats a little bit anoying.

Last winter as i used zwift every second day zwift didn’t search for updates every day.


Android Zwift checks

<Zwift version="1.0.118524" update_by="09.05.23" mandatory_version="1.0.118524" mandatory_update_by="09.05.23"/>

So if your version is older than 1.0.118524 it will require an update, since mandatory_update_by was 2 days ago.

If you don’t want Zwift to stay in background, touch the “overview” button (aka recent apps button) and swipe up Zwift to close it.