Invisibility Option

Ability to join an event invisibly. Nobody else can see you that is regularly signed up, but you can see them. Of course you won’t appear in the results, it would be treated for you as a free ride.

Interesting. I’d guess you’d also be taken out of the draft mechanics somehow too?

How would this work for placement in the pack? Would the other riders see a hole in the bunch that they for example can’t steer through?

(Not crapping on it, just brainstorming :slight_smile: )

Not sure… Preferably retain draft, and provide to others. There might appear to be small hole in the group I guess. I thought of this because I remembered mentioned about sorta just this in the form of what they called Shadow-bans for racers who were found cheating or harrassing others. They retained their membership, and could ride, but nobody saw them, and they couldn’t follow or message others. Thought it could be interesting if we could opt to shadow-ban ourselves for an event if we wished, or even just free riding and you want to be left alone.

The mechanics could be largely similar to the ghost powerup, just need to make it last the whole event. Presumably not include these riders in any segment leaderboards too.
I’d like to see this one solved, as it could then be used to allow people with non-compliant set-ups to participate in races without disrupting them.

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But they would be disrupting, or at least still affecting, the race/event if they were participating in the draft mechanics, right?

If I was on a team and had a teammate sign up for a race invisible, we could launch off the front together, teammate towing me, and everyone would think I was just off on a lone break (and would be much more likely to let me go).

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I’m pretty sure the current mechanics calculate draft locally, so it’d make sense that you couldn’t draft from someone you can’t see. That’s how I assume it’d be set up anyway. I don’t think you can draft a ghost, it’s hard to test though.

Zwift Insider says you can draft a ghost rider, and that’s consistent with my anecdotal experience. I suspect the client software still knows where the ghost is. For example a ghost with fire socks will still draw flames in your local instance.

Seems you’re correct, ghosts can be drafted. If this gets implemented hopefully they can find a way to allow the rider using it to experience the draft without being draftable.

And I might have to stop wearing fire socks in races, particularly when the ghost active.