Inappropriate Push Notifications

I have received a highly inappropriate push notification through the Companion app. The message indicates that the person is a follower of mine but they don’t show up in my app. How is this possible? How can I prevent it in the future?

I’ve had really dodgy follow requests. Not amused!

Please contact Zwift support so they can investigate the issue.

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I think Zwift is watching for these.
I got one last night so this morning it showed up on my phones preview screen, but when I went to check notifications on the companion app, it was gone.
I assume that Zwift deleted it, but since the preview was already on my phone, Zwift had no way to delete it off my phone.

I have had this today and now cannot access my zwift account(I did not accept it btw!). My wife’s account works perfectly from the same device but my account states that it can’t find an internet connection. Call logged with Zwift support but really annoying…

I too have received a highly sexual message in a friend’s link. Concerned how they’ve identified me and if there might be more similar contact.

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Welcome to Zwift forums, and thank you all for flagging this up. We’ve also been alerted about this spam attack through our email support queue, and have been shutting the perpetrators down.

It’s a never ending battle against these bad guys. We appreciate you letting us know.

Inappropriate notifications push on Zwift companion this morning. Not happy with this.