I just developed a custom running workout generator

Hi I tried again with imperial units and my conclusion for now is: zwift only allows for intervalls as a multiple of 200m.

My 299.99867873999995 m which I entered as 0.186411 miles on your site were converted to 200m. i guess >=300 is rounded up to 400 and <300 is converted to 200. I have no other explanation at this point :slight_smile:

Thanks again for your work :+1:

Thanks for the awesome bit of troubleshooting-- And now that you mention it, I do recall reading something about multiples of 200M (from a long time ago, I think).
Do you think I should code some kind of warning message into the web-site? Or do you think it would be better to just round up/down (“quantiize” those interval distances?))
Running for exact times is gonna be difficult when intervals of 200M are required.
Thanks Again-- You Rock
P.S. Here’s a feature request from 2018

And here’s a snippet from Zwift Insider-- they discuss the 200M limitation…

Hi, I think a message would be nice. With just metric a warning message would probably suffice, but as Zwift seems to base everything in metric, inputs in imperial which will then be rounded based on 200m, now that’s probably a nightmare :slight_smile:

Maybe something like up and down arrows next to the input field so one could jump to the next valid value? Or only the possibility to enter the value in front of the ”.“ ? So for example for 7.6 km you could enter 7 and had to use the arrows to dial in the 6.

I guess that would be preferable as a user than to find out that your value was rounded and you had to open the Intervall again in the editor.
And it could be done with imperial as well as metric.


Brillant! thank you so much for building this. I have seen other ones before this but they didn’t have the repeat feature. One request though: I know that you cannot do by time, only distance, but I do like your workaround (converting time to distance in the background). you implemented this workaround in the “steady state” but not in the “interval”. any reason why? for example I was trying to do 10x 30"30".
Thank you!

Yeah, agreed that the Workout Generator is awesome.
However, everything on Strava and every other analysis app that I use has my information as time and pace rather than speed/MPH, etc.

So I agree that it would be great to “back in” to the distance from a desired Time value for all of the components, not just Steady State. Either way, a terrific utility.

Hi. I created my first custom workout, and for whatever reason I’m running into some numeric problems. Not sure if it’s something I’m doing or a shortcoming of the generator. Sorry for the lengthy description, but not sure I can get my point across in a few seconds.

To my incredible annoyance, I get a “you can’t embed” message if I try to paste images, download images, or add links to images. So, sorry for the text-only description.

I set my 1 mile pace in Zwift and Zwift WC to 10:00 so that it’s easy to do the math on the distance calculations that follow.

As an example of the problem, I started off by adding a Warmup activity at 60% throughout.
I wanted to warm up with 5 minutes of walking, so I did 0.3 miles @ 60%. This translated to 3.6 mph, which is correct.

In the resulting ZWO file it translated to the following:

SteadyState Power=“0.6” Duration=“482.80199999999996” pace=“0”

I then added the ZWO file to my Zwift workouts directory on my PC.
However, despite having the same 10:00 1-mile pace, the numbers are different in the Zwift version of the workout.

For the same warmup interval that was 0.3 miles @ 3.6mph in the tool, it has become 0.25 miles @ 3.6 mph. This problem repeats itself with some of the workout components and not with others, but it disrupts the workout enough that I’m not sure what’s going on.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong? Or is this some kind of quirk in the tool?
And, happy to provide screenshots if someone can tell me how to do this without getting that blasted error!