Stop rounding custom run workout distances to 200m chunks

I’ve created a few running workouts for Zwift (by creating them as bike workouts then changing the sport type, distances etc.) and I’d like to be able to specify distances in multiples less than 200m.

At the moment, if a workout file contains a “duration=xx” tag the actual distance will be rounded to the nearest 200m. While this might be fine for cycling, it’s a pain for running (e.g. if I’m running strides, my schedule might include 6x 100m strides - a distance less than 200m).

Based on my experience with a few different training programs, the smallest multiple for distances should be 50m.

And if Zwift ever allows specifying running workout steps by time rather than distance, the smallest multiple should be 10 seconds (e.g. the 30-20-10 workout).