How to take the boring out of training

I should curate my feed better. Assign people to lists etc. The people I follow I all follow for a reason, but those are spread across so many different areas. Friends, cycling, web development, WoW…

It’s too much! It’s too much! :rofl:

Appropriate feed is actually a source for improvement of the in game experience. I cannot figure out the social aspect of texting overall. There are three types of texts I have to respond to:

a) Professional texts - this is a critical issue, and has to be dealt with now, or followed up on.
b) Friendship texts - this is a cool bike, these are cool skis, it is snowing in Lake Tahoe . . .
c) Family texts - she wants you to pick up bread, he wants waffles, remember to pick up the kids.

Every other text is going to be deleted quickly, including, this is T-Mobile, your I-phone 7 is obsolete, replace it in the thirty days, or else . . . we might shut it off.

What I am seeing with Zwift, which management is having a hard time reconciling, is this need to be part of the American promotional system, “What wins on Sunday, sells on Monday”.

I am not sure in biking that is true right now. Look at Trek, Specialized, Shimano, SRAM, these are companies that design and manufacture parts, that dominate the sales and profits, and specifically the United States is not a leader right now in road racing.

The United States leads in medical devices. The stationary bike is a trainer. Imagine a system of team ups, part of Zwift volunteers, you are assigned a person that is older than you or needs rehabilitation, and for six weeks, you ride with them on Zwift/Discord. You listen to them, you encourage them, and after six weeks, under the program, they send you a thank you note, and that is it. The entire goal of the program is to help people, to collaborate and not simply to compete.