How to reset user's profile image to default


Is there a way to revert from having a profile photo to your initials before you uploaded a photo?


I made a icon from my Zwift Avatar. I think it bears a striking resemblance, if I may say so myself. I believe I took a screen capture on my MacBook then sent it to my iPhone and used the iPhone mail sizing to shrink it down to size. IIRC

Go to your profile page on, and click ‘reset to default’ next to your photo.

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How to do that these days? Nothing shows up to set as default…

Want to know how to delete my profile photo too anno 2022 :slight_smile:

A workaround would be to upload a grey square for an image.

Done that and also send an e-mail if it is still possible to delete it and been set back to default.

how can you reset your profile picture these days?

just upload a new one and it’ll replace it. there’s no easy way to remove one entirely that i can tell from the two seconds i spent looking for one, so if you want to remove it entirely then

this is probably the best way to do that. you could also email zwift, but nobody has time for that

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For this action resetting the user’s profile image to default. I would recommend you to reach out via our Zwift support at so, we can review your request in specific.