How to lower heart rate for same w/kg

Hey y’all!

My goal is the lower my heart rate for 1.8w/kg. I currently sit at 140-145bpm for 1.8w/kg.

My stats:

  • Male
  • 188cm
  • 88kg
  • 35yrs
  • 17%-ish bf
  • Resting HR around 40
  • I get 10k steps daily and play basketball once a week. I ride Zwift once a week as well.
  • When I race on Zwift my avg. HR is around 175 for a 40min race which is exhausting but I feel great after.

I know just improving my cardio (by riding more) will help me get to a lower bpm for the same power output. But I was wondering if there are some specific workouts on Zwift which get me there the fastest/in the most optimal way?

Also, do you know a realistic goal for my heart rate to be at 1.8w/kg?

Thanks for your suggestions! <3

Increase your ceiling.

i.e. your FTP.

Start with testing your FTP and do weekly 2x20 min FTP intervals.

What no progressive overload? :man_shrugging:t2:

Train specifically for the bike.

seems normal. some people just rev high. i seem to. it’ll drop as a consequence of continual training anyway but unless you have a specific interest in having a low heart rate for some reason - nothing wrong with that - there’s no reason to focus on it