How RoboPacer Drops Multiplier Game Works?

Does the Drops multiplier double when you get a Ride on with a Robo pacer? In other words, if your Drops multiplier is 1.6x, does the multiplier become 3.2x when you get a Ride On or does it just jump to 2x for the duration of the ride on?

I believe any multiplier added to your rate is added separately. So if you’re pushing hard, climbing, and with a pacer, each of those three increases would be applied to your base rate (which may be determined by how hard you’re pushing) rather than the rate after a multiplier.
Say you’re doing 3.0w/kg, which could give you 10 drops per second (I don’t really know, just an example). If you are also climbing a 4% grade and getting a 1.5 multiplier from that AND with a pacer giving you a 2.0 multiplier, the new rate would be 10 drops/second * (1.5 + 2.0), not 10 drops/second * (1.5 * 2.0).

Maybe it’s different for a ride on from the bot, though.

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Besides the great example already received. I want to add that when you ride within 50m of a RoboPacer, you’ll see a multiplier number next to a progress bar, every time the progress bar fills up, this number increases up to a max of 2.5. The longer you ride, the more you earn.

Once the progress bar fills up, the multiplier value to the right of the bar will change for example; from “x1.0” to “x1.2”. This means you’re receiving 20% more Drops than you would on a standard ride. For more details on how this works please, review the following online documentation:

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