How are the participants chosen?

Out of real interest… how and what are the guys and gals behind ZA2020 looking for when they start whittling down their team on Jan- Feb? Does anyone know what data and info they are looking for to make their selection??

There is this link: but beyond that I don’t think Zwift has given any other info.

Read the T’s and C’s :

All Applications will be reviewed and evaluated by Sponsor and potentially other individuals associated with the Zwift Academy Triathlon team (collectively, the “Judges”) based on a variety of pre-determined criteria consisting of, but not limited to, performance potential, previous race results, ability and availability to meet the Team training schedule, availability and willingness to participate in any scheduled Team training events and camps, ability and willingness to race at the 2020 Ironman World Championship and any necessary qualifying races and the cycling related presence and activity on social media and in the triathlon community where the Participant resides. Participants will be subject to physical and physiological performance verification as well as anti-doping tests.

Fab thank you ‘

Natalie Lawrence (nee Barnard)