High Five the Monkey

On the jungle loop I have often wanted to high five the monkey hanging from the vine. Could this feature be added? Perhaps there are other places in the game where other unique interactions with the environment could be added as well.

I totally agree. I’ve tried waving at the monkey as I go by, but he doesn’t wave back :wink:

It’s a sloth, not a monkey, but I too have tried to give it a high-five. I keep expecting to find some kind of easter egg in the game, and I was sure this would be one, but if it is, I haven’t figured out how to activate it.


Let’s go full “Mario Cart” with this added feature, give you a ‘power up’ that allows you to make the slot jump on someone’s back as they pass underneath to slow them down if you are riding with/against them on that route. Or maybe better, let them jump on your back and power up for awhile, double your w/kg or something like that.

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As it is a sloth, he’s waving back but you can’t see it 'cause it takes tooooo looooong :thinking::grin:

High five the sloth would be awesome