Herd SHEries & HEries Questions

Enjoyed participating the first race of the series. A couple general questions came up when debriefing with others afterwards.

  1. There are standings given for each time zone league. Will there be an overall standing for points across all leagues? Know this wouldn’t be really comparing apples to apples but…
  2. How will Race 3, the pursuit race, be organized in terms of start order? Will the order out of the staggered start be random or organized like a chase race with strongest riders going last? If by rider strength, what’s the criteria for the order?

Thanks in advance for the info.

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Staggered start is based off of sign up. So first sign up, first start. I don’t think there will be a combined standings league. @James_Zwift can confirm.

There isn’t an overall. I set up leagues per time zone so that some couldn’t receive an unfair advntage by entering quieter events.

It’s a staggered start which is largely random (unless you’re the first to sign up for the event)

Thanks for the answers and clarifications! Look forward to continuing the series.