Heavy cat lowering bike options

There should be super heavy bikes that can lower you cat when you select them. Bikes that add 20, 40, 60kg.

As we move into the slow season, cat A races going to be even more dead. This would give riders the option to ride in B or C.

Also most races are just a time workout. If you want a longer workout, moving into cat D would add 20% longer ride time, which might work better for riders looking for a longer workout.

We can also do this in reverse with negative weight bikes allowing cat D to move up to C and B and A.

Handicaps like this would let friend from different weight class race together.

(Maybe a percentage to their true weight might work better)

i always have time for your ideas brother, but there’s more to a category than what’s written on your zp profile or your public fitness metrics or whatever. if you give an A rider some ballast and D cat numbers, the person behind the avatar is still, probably, an experienced and trained athlete

not to say that there aren’t experienced and trained athletes in D either, but stuff like repeatability and recovery don’t always show up in the numbers.

I agree, before CE I’d done a few races with a small group where everyone adjusted their weight so that for that race everyone had the same FTP in terms of w/kg. It produced pretty close results and most people felt like they were competing despite large differences in actual ability.